Celebrate Fiber Arts - 2018  •  Guidelines

Guidelines  -  Quilts

  1. The first 50 “Large Quilts” only will be accepted.  (61" - 110"   Twin - King)

  2. "Small Quilts" up to 60" (throw, lap, crib) will be accepted until space is filled.  Decorative quilts (table runners, tree skirts etc.) as well as wearable and bags are also welcome entries.

  3. Quilts may be an original design or can be made from a commercial pattern which must be identified in your description of your quilt. 

  4. A label containing identifying information must be attached to the back of the quilt.  

  5. Maximum size is 110" x 110" . There is no minimum size. 

  6. Quilts must have three layers (top, middle and backing) and be quilted by hand and/or machine with three exceptions – Crazy quilts, which can be tied or quilted, Cathedral Window style quilts or Yo-Yo quilts. 

  7. Each quilt to be hung must have a four inch sleeve attached to the top of the back of the quilt for hanging or it will not be accepted.  No exceptions.  If your quilt will not be hung, please provide staging (See #10 below.) 

  8. Quilts which require special handling will not be accepted.  Your quilt must be able to be stacked or rolled with other quilts without potential damage to your quilt or any other quilt in the show. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Celebrate Fiber Arts committee. 

  9. If your quilt is a collaboration with another artist or artists, both (all) quilt makers must be named. One quilt made by two people counts as one entry (one entry fee/one prize. If won, the prize is to be split between artists.) 

  10. If you have a quilt rack or furniture piece (i.e rocking chair, child's chair, cradle, etc.) that you wish to have your piece displayed upon, we welcome it.  If you have a special rod to display your quilted wall-hangings, please bring it. 
    PLEASE include your name on your display pieces.  Deliver them when you deliver your artwork.

  11. Sizes: On your entry forms, please provide 
          Items to be hung:   Size : H ________ x W ________  

        3-D items (per #9):   Size : H ________ x W ________  x D ________   (Height will be used as a guide for suitable positioning) 

    If you have any questions reqrding your quilt entry, please call Dawn Sullivan @ (413) 348-5183

P. O. Box 306

Monson, MA 01057

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