2020 - Art in Your Garden - Award Winners

Award Winners

The Competition was open for entry from June 27th to July 31st, 2020

(That's like forever in COVID-19 days)


Thanks to all who entered and all who helped.
We hope you found it fun . . . We did.


Keep an Eye Open for the next event.  (September 8th +/-) 

For this competition, entries were posted on this website and on the

Monson Arts Council Facebook and Instagram accounts

as they were submitted.


66 pieces of artwork were submitted, contributed by 34 different artists.

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035_a Sylvia Pyzocha - Glass Ball - Phot

First Prize & Most Beautiful
Sylvia Pyzocha • Glass Ball

We would like to thank our Jurist :  Bill Dominick 

All images are © Copyright of the Artist 2020.

Award                                    •    Artist                        •    Title
1st Prize & Most Beautiful     •    Sylvia  Pyzocha       •    Glass Ball
2nd Prize & Most Original     •    Shauna  Shane        •    Garden Lady
3rd Prize & Funniest              •    Phyllis  Robie           •    Stay at Home Cruisin'
Honorable Mention                •    Peter  Barnett           •    Juniper Spray
Honorable Mention                •    Peter  Barnett           •    Pondside Bench
Honorable Mention                •    Nancy  Bunnell        •    Frog Eyes

Honorable Mention                •    William Kevin Lent   •    Barcelona Moonlight Garden
Honorable Mention                •    Peter Mayberry         •    Heron

Honorable Mention                •    Scott  Rhoades        •    Staying Strong...supporting each other

Honorable Mention                •    Kitty  Schooley         •    Bee Mindful

Honorable Mention                •    Linda  Spelko           •    Red Rose & Blue Birdbath
Honorable Mention                •    Linda  Spelko           •    Hummingbird Sculpture

Honorable Mention                •    Frank & Patti  White  •    For the whole garden . . . #’s 27-30

Entry from Furthest Away      •    Erica  Simister           •    119.6 mi (192.5 km) as reported by the contracted crow.

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