2020 - ART in Your Garden - A Competition - Online Gallery

We have kept the entries of an artist together.

Where an artist submits one item, it will be displayed by itself on a row. There may be up to 3 images.

Where an artist submits more than one item, the items may be grouped on one or more rows in a logical manner, depending on the number of items/images provided.

The images are displayed in the reverse order of receipt. In this way, the gallery displays with the most recently submitted entry first.

  • Find page navigation buttons at the sides.

  • Find Auto-play buttons [Run | Pause] at the bottom right corner of gallery images, together with the page number

  • Hover over an image to see - Title, Artist's name, etc.

  • Click an image to enter image by image display mode.  

All images are Copyright © 2020 of the Artist.

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