2021 - Sales Shop Guidelines

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The commission on sales is 20%. 

Please prepare your items and your Sales Shop List in advance of delivery.

  • Items should be delivered on the same day as selected artwork is delivered.

  • Each Artist may enter up to 20 items which may be 20 individual items, 20 sets, or a combination of these. See list below. Un-priced items will not be accepted. A set of cards or prints packaged as a set is considered one item. All items must have their own sticker attached.
    (Download form with example and instructions.)

  • Prices must be whole numbers ($10 rather than $9.95 for example)

Each artist may submit the following (mix & match for a total of 20 items):

  • Small items such as note cards or postcards, 10 each, 10 sets or combination of these for a total of 10 items.

  • Medium items such as prints up to 11x17, 5 each or 5 sets

  • Large items (matted unframed prints over 11x17), 5 each

  • Small 3-dimensional items (up to 4” x 4” x 4”), 5 each or 5 sets.

  • Medium 3-dimensional items (up to 9” x 9” x 7”), 5 each


Please note:

  • No framed work.

  • Original work on cards is accepted.

  • Large/medium sized original work is not accepted. Submit your prints instead.

  • Small 3-dimensional items may be original. (Jewelry is considered a 3-dimensional item).

  • No additional work may be entered during the show.

The pick-up date for unsold merchandise is the same days as exhibited Artwork Pickup. 

You may have a representative pick up your items on your behalf. Representative should have the receipt or letter from you giving them permission for the pickup, together with a photo ID.