2020 - Spring Art Exhibition and Sale - Guidelines



Jurors will view your Digital entries as submitted on a normal 'landscape orientated' screen. These guidelines enable us to display your digital images in the best possible way.

Images with widths much smaller than the height, and very wide images do not display well on screen. You may wish to consider submitting such work physically.  Photograph you artwork before it is under glass. Adjust your images to remove parallax distortion, and crop appropriately. We will display your image as submitted.

  • JPG format

  • RGB color space

  • Minimum 1920 pixels on the longest side.

  • Maximum file size per image: 3Mb e-mailed – 6Mb DVD/thumb drive

  • Submit in proper viewing orientation.

  • Multi-dimensional work may be represented by up to 3 images per piece.

  • Don't forget to remove watermarks and signatures

Name your images so that we can easily identify them against the title you have selected for the piece.

We suggest:  YourLastName_Title   (e.g.  monet_haystack27.jpg).

For Multi-dim. entries with more than one jpg per item, identify them by _a, _b, _c:

(e.g. Rodin_The_Thinker_a.jpg, Rodin_The_Thinker_b.jpg.)

Please use characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dash (-), underscore (_) and 'space' ( ) only.

Email files to artshows@monsonartscouncil.org  with a Subject line of:  MAC Art Exhibition - JPG files - <your name here>

or place on appropriate digital media and mail. Label CD, DVD or thumb drive with your full name, and mail with protective cover. Media will NOT be returned.

MAC e-mail users:  Be SURE to use the Images Size drop-down in the message, and select Actual Size.

P. O. Box 306

Monson, MA 01057

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