Celebrate! - Award Winners

Award Winners

The Competition was open for entry from November 8th - 30th, 2020

Thanks to all who entered, Roc Goudreau who acted as our Judge
and to all who helped make this a very successful show.

This closes the Art Show Committee show events for this year.

Keep an eye our for the 2021 Sprint Exhibition and Sale.

For this competition, entries were posted on our
Facebook and Instagram accounts as they were submitted.

The Online Gallery presented on Dec 9th and will run till Jan 31st 2021

$400 was presented to our winners.

We thank our Sponsors for their contributions.

141 pieces of artwork were submitted by 57 different artists.

018_Meyers - Sea of Gold.png

First  Prize

Judith Meyers • Sea of Gold

Oil on Aluminum ● Size: 12x16

All images are © Copyright of the Artist 2020.

We would like to thank our Judge :  Roc Goudreau 

The Award Winners

Award • Artist • Title • Medium

1st Prize   ● $250 ● Judith Meyers ● Sea of Gold ● Oil on Aluminum
2nd Prize ● $150 ● Rosemary Polletta ● Weighing Options ● Photograph on Fine Art Paper
3rd Prize  ●   $50 ● Irena Russell ● Sea Mist ● Acrylic
Honorable Mention ● Nancy Bunnell ● Garden Walk ● Pastel
Honorable Mention ● Douglas Gillette ● Home Sweet Home ● Casine
Honorable Mention ● Linda Lastoff ● Textures ● Pastel

Honorable Mention ● Judith Meyers ● Water Lotus ● Oil on Aluminum

Honorable Mention ● Michelle Patenaude ● Fly Away ● Photographic Print
Honorable Mention ● Bounkhong Signavong ● Blue Silk Shawl ● Hand-Woven, Naturally Dyed
Honorable Mention ● Susan Superson ● Safe Harbor ● Acrylic
Honorable Mention ● Mary Jeanne Tash ● BFF ● Black & White Photography  

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