Monson Arts Council Workshop


With Christopher Lyons

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A two hour presentation and hands on workshop.


Cost:  $20    -    Limited to 8 participants


 Date: Thursday November 4, 7-9, at the House of Art. 

The Instructor: Christopher Lyons is the owner of Glass Visions, a full-service stained glass studio located in Springfield, MA.  Glass Visions offers a full range of workshops and classes in the history and techniques of the medium.


Workshop Summary:     Join Glass Visions for a quick introduction to the beauty and history of Stained Glass Art.  Humans have produced glass for thousands of years and it's been a major art form for over 1200 years.  From the beautiful, colorful and wide scoping lead-came glass construction used in Cathedrals to the amazing Opalescent glass creations produced by Tiffany Studios using the copper-foil technique, the historical significance of glass art is truly amazing.  We'll also provide an overview of the copper-foil technique and you'll get some HANDS-ON TIME to try glass cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering.  Come feast your eyes on some great images of glass art and gain a basic understanding of stained glass and how glass projects are created.

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Monson Arts Council Workshop

Come and Write: A Poetry Workshop

With Gay Paluch

2021 Poetry Workshop - Flowers.png

A four week poetry event sponsored by the Monson Arts Council

Cost: $15 for all four sessions 

Dates Monday evenings, September 13, 20, 27 and October 4 from 6:30-8:30. 

Led by Monson poet Gay Paluch, the workshop will be a place where people write, share and explore types of poetry, search for places to publish, and learn to constructively critique poetry.

In 2011,Gay published her poems Just This Morning, illustrated in watercolors by the late Virginia Midyette. She has also been published in several journals, including Freshwater, Silkworm 10, 11 and 12, the Common Ground Review, and The Anthology of Found Poetry.

There will be a six person limit to attend this event. 

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Come and Write queries:

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Monson Arts Council Workshop

Two Painting Workshops with Shauna Shane

Shauna Shane has exhibited in international competitions around the country, including Hudson Valley Art League, Academic Art League, and Oil Painters of America. She has exhibited and received major awards in The Renaissance Pastel International Exhibits, and awards were received in the 2012 through 2016 Hudson Valley Art League Exhibits, as well as the Interior and Figure in Landscape exhibits at Lyme Art Association.  
A professional painter for more than 40 years, Shauna is a Signature Member of Hudson Valley Art League, Academic Art League, and CT Pastel Society, and an Elected Artist Member of Lyme Art Association and the CT Plein Air Society. Shauna has won Monson Arts Council’s “Best of Show” award in 2019, and several other awards over the years of our shows.

Courageous Watercolor 

A Workshop by Shauna Shane

Saturday, October 30, 2021 – 9:30am – 4pm. • $125

Limited to 6 participants.

Shauna’s outgoing personality and positive outlook make this workshop a joy for anyone that has an appreciation of the beauty and magic of watercolor. She delights in sharing the thought process of a painting while giving her students the individual, specific information that enables each to develop their own vision into excellent painting technique.

Beginning with a demonstration directly from a lighted still life, Shauna will discuss the attitudes and beliefs that stand in the way of creativity, then, step-by-step what is being considered and executed as she completes her painting. Next, she directs the class in a short exercise to practice loading the brush, “dropping” one color into another on dry paper for the most saturated, fluid intense effect, with the optimal amount of water and pigment that make watercolor so exciting. The rest of the day is spent with the class working from the same reference, showing her students how to transform their own ability to see.

Shauna’s enthusiasm for artistic excellence and her positive effective teaching style is informed by her experience as an award winning painter, added to more than 40 years of demonstrating and passing along to her students what helped her the most in developing a beautiful painting, and, perhaps, a new way of seeing the world.

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Acrylic Sponge Painting

A Workshop by Shauna Shane

Friday, November 12, 2021 – 9:30am – 4pm • $125
Limited to 6 participants

An unusual technique for applying acrylic, I use regular household cellulose sponges cut into wedge shaped pieces to apply the paint. Using a tapping technique, these sponges insure that your acrylic layer is a just the right consistency to allow a transparent buildup of acrylic. Using just black and white or a full palette of colors, this technique creates a block-in that allows smooth blends without the streaks that happen when acrylic is applied with a brush.

Most importantly, this technique naturally progresses the painting in the correct order, from large masses to small, with no opportunity to stray into details too soon. A painting executed in the correct order, focusing on shapes of light and shadow, completes with speed and efficiently, with fewer corrections necessary. Using color, this layering method results in a surface that is much more alive with color than a brush allows.

The resulting artwork can be varnished and presented as a finished painting, or as an under-painting for pastel or oil, saving money by using very small amounts of the final medium – just enough to thinly cover the painting for vibrancy and detail.

A unique method, this block-in method is fast and accurate making it a technique that can help you create paintings that are efficient, fresh, and expressive.

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If you have not received acknowledgement/confirmation of your application within a few days, please contact us by e-mailing (see below), or calling 413-267-3208.

Space is limited to 6 participants in these workshops.

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