Participating in the Monson Arts Council’s Holiday Craft Fair

 If you have an interest in participating in our Annual Holiday Craft Fair you should send your name and address to the Monson Arts Council at P O Box 306, Monson MA 01057 or to

It is important for you to know that the thing that separates us from many other craft fairs is that we have a requirement that all items being sold by a crafter be hand crafted by the crafter.

During the year we collect the names and addresses of interested crafters and during late August of each year we send each of those interested crafters an application for participation.

Once an application is received we review it based on three criteria.

  • Is the product hand crafted?

  • Is the product of high quality?

  • Do we have many other crafters selling a similar product?


Thank you for your interest in our fair and we look forward to hearing from you.