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Dragon the Arts into Monson

Meet the new Monson Arts Mascot, created by Monson artist Peter Mayberry, ready to take his permanent place in front of the House of Art


The Monson Arts Council announced that it has purchased Peter Mayberry’s dragon sculpture, which has graced the lawn in front of the House of Art in Monson since it won acclaim in the spring art show in 2018.  The MAC has named the dragon “Mac”, and is launching an ambitious fund-raising campaign to help cover the considerable cost of the dragon and its permanent installation.

Mac will be installed in his current location in front of the House of Art. He’ll be placed on a triangular shaped piece of Monson granite, donated by the Monson Highway Department.

The arts council is making an appeal to all Monson residents and businesses to contribute to this new Monson mascot. Contributors will receive "Thank you" bonuses:

     donors of $25 or more will receive a "Mac the Dragon" T-shirt. 

     donors of $100 or more will get a 4" x 8"  engraved granite block

     donors of $500 or more will get a 12" x 12" engraved granite slab

     donors of $1000 or more will get a 12" x 18" engraved granite slab

Each donor of $100 or more will get a template on which to enter their chosen text.  Blocks have a smaller font, slabs a larger font.

For information about Peter Mayberry, click here:

If you have no printer, mail your details and a check made out to Monson Arts Council to:

MAC the Dragon, PO Box 306, Monson MA 01057

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Photo by Drew Soucy

The Silent Auction for "MAC" the Dragon

The Silent Auction was held June 1st and 2nd at the House of Art.

We are most grateful to the 50 contributors of items which made
this event so successful. 

The auction raised additional funds in support of "MAC" the Dragon, helping us towards the finish line.

Click here for a list those who contributed items.


Thank You Bonus

$25 - $99

"MAC" the Dragon T-shirt


Thank You Bonus

$100  - $499

 4" x 8" Granite Block  

Engraved  with Your Name

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