Exposure 2020

A Photography Contest

Exposure 2020
​Photography Contest

Expose your exposures!

Enter up to five of your images in five categories to compete for prizes with a total value of $500.  Extra Youth category!

Entry fee $5 per image, up to $25

Each category competes for its own prize!

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Contest Rules

1.   There are six submission categories, five for adults 16 and over, one for younger entrants: 

a)  People   b)  Animals  c)  Nature  d)  Objects  e)  Alternative Process  f) Youth

2.   Each category will be competing for its own prize.

3.   Adults may enter 1 work in each of the first five categories, up to a total of five.

4.   Youth 15 and younger may enter up to five works in the Youth category.

5.   Each submission has an entry fee of $5, up to $25 per applicant.

6.   Images should be sent to Faith@monsonartscouncil.org, identified by category.

7.   All submissions should be received by August 26th to be considered for a prize.

8.   Entry fees can be sent to the MAC, PO Box 306, Monson. 

      Or use the appropriate button below.

1 item - $5 via
Credit Card / PayPal
2 items - $10 via
Credit Card / PayPal
3 items - $15 via
Credit Card / PayPal
4 items - $20 via
Credit Card / PayPal
5 items - $25 via
Credit Card / PayPal

P. O. Box 306

Monson, MA 01057

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