Exposure 2020

Photography Contest Winners

The winners in Exposure 2020 have been announced!

There is a grand prize winner, for "Best in Show".  In addition, there are two winners in each of the six subject categories, a juried winner and a community choice winner.  Thanks to all who participated in the show, and in the community voting!

Best in Show

"In Prism"

Bill Rowley

Juried Winners 

In Prism.jpg

Community Choice Winners 

Altered Images

Blue Ferry Burn.jpg
Bar Harbor.jpg

"Blue Ferry Burn"

Emile Tobenfield

"Bar Harbor"

Felix Zola

Quabbin Reservoir.jpg


Untitled (Nature).jpg

"Quabbin Reservoir"

Steve Giebutowski


Stephanie Snow

Family Time.jpg


Upside down cat.jpg

"Family Time at the Spring"

Chris Boothroyd

"Upside Down Cat"

Karen Bilotti



Jane Parker

"2 People in Water"

Stephanie Snow

Two People in Water.jpg
Urbex Wonderland.jpg


"Urbex Wonderland"

Chelsea Fountain

"Urbex Wonderland"

Chelsea Fountain

Urbex Wonderland.jpg


Sphere of Power.jpg


Olivia Clemons

"Sphere of Power"

Kayleigh Peters