MAC Scholarships

Monson Arts Council Awards Scholarship

The Monson Arts Council is proud to announce the award of its ninth annual arts scholarship. The winner this year is Charlene Meserve.

The $500 scholarship is available to a high school senior who has resided in Monson for at least two years, who has shown a long appreciation for and involvement in the arts. Though the applicant must be enrolling full time in a college or university, there is no requirement that he/she be pursuing a career in the arts. The award was presented to her at MHS Senior Awards Night by Peter Barnett, president of the Monson Arts Council.

Charlene is an excellent example of the kind of candidate which the MAC scholarship committee is looking for. She is headed to Westfield State University to pursue a career in nursing, a career choice which reflects the significant medical issues which her family has faced. Throughout her high school years, the arts have been a source of equilibrium and release for her. In her essay on the importance of the arts to her personally and to the community, she says: "To me, I draw, paint, sketch, anything to relax. It’s like my stress ball." She will undoubtedly continue to bring the benefits of art to her work as she strives to help others.